You are part of our family

We see every person who supports our work as a member of our Carmel Impact family. Together we can transform lives and build communities. As a family, together we:

  1. Ensure children and young adults can continue their education
  2. Guide disengaged youth to reconnect with family, friends and community
  3. Help Carmelite students on their pathway to become tomorrow’s community leaders
  4. Provide teachers with the resources they need to be even more effective in their delivery of learning

This is what you and our wonderful family are providing – impactful, lasting change in the lives of young people in Timor. Thank you for caring.

Our promise to you

Carmel Impact is committed to the highest levels of donor acknowledgement, accountability and transparency so donors and prospective donors have full confidence in us. 

When you support our work and programs, you can expect:

  1. To be informed of the way Carmel Impact intends to use your gift, and of its capacity to use gifts effectively and for their intended purposes.
  2. Your details will be treated confidentially and not be shared with any organisation outside Carmel Impact and The Carmelites without your explicit permission.
  3. To say “Thank You” to you and every person who supports us.

You can read more on our fundraising practices and the high standards we maintain through our fundraising in our Fundraising and Donations Policy.

We appreciate that you have chosen to support Carmel Impact and our work in transforming lives in Timor-Leste. We value every dollar we receive and rely on this support to continue to meet the evolving and changing needs required to help young people in Timor-Leste continue their education, both now and in the future.