Make a lasting impact in Timor with a lifetime gift

At certain times in our lives, we need to make important decisions relating to our personal, familial and financial affairs. Writing your Will provides your loved ones with clear directions to carry out your final wishes. It also provides you with assurance to know that you can continue to support your favourite causes. 

By including a Gift in your Will your decision today will transform young lives well into the future. 

Carmel Impact is a charity established by The Carmelite Fathers Incorporated (Vic) to help those in need. Leaving a Gift in your Will to The Carmelite Fathers Incorporated (Vic) will help ensure you can continue to provide the young people of Timor-Leste with pathways to education, opening up opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.

Why leave a Gift in your Will to The Carmelite Fathers Incorporated (Vic)?

When you include a Gift in your Will, your commitment to transforming the lives of young people through education lives on. Your generosity means we can continue to support children and young adults through every stage of their schooling. We can help them realise their hopes of a career or vocation. We can engage disconnected and at-risk youth. We can help build resilient communities.

How to leave a Gift in your Will to The Carmelite Fathers Incorporated (Vic)?

Leaving a Gift in your Will is one of the most impactful ways to transform young lives in your lifetime. And it’s easy. 

Once you have decided to leave a gift in your Will to The Carmelite Fathers Incorporated (Vic), you need to consider the type of gift you would like to make. This may be: 

A share of your estate (a residuary gift).

The residue of your estate is what remains once all of your wishes have been fulfilled and charges have been paid. A residuary gift could be a percentage or the whole of the residue of your estate. 

A fixed sum of money (a pecuniary gift).

This is when you leave an exact sum of money. The value of the pecuniary gift may decrease over time with inflation. 

Download our “Gifts In Your Will” Guide to see the different types of Gifts you can leave and the wording to use in your Will.

Let us thank you

It is a great privilege to know that a caring person has left a Gift in their Will to The Carmelite Fathers Incorporated (Vic). When you make this important decision, please let us know. This will enable us to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to you in your lifetime. You will be invited to exclusive events to hear more about the difference your impactful Gift will make.

June’s Gift

As a school-teacher June understood the impact education makes on young people. Although retired, she continued to help children learn by volunteering at the local primary school. During this time, she developed a relationship with our Timor Mission Coordinator and became aware that the children in Timor-Leste do not have the same opportunities as those in Australia.

June wanted to be an instrument of change for these children. She believed in our work to ensure young children can continue their education and go to school to realise their dreams of a better future. Her generous act of leaving a Gift in her Will for the education of the children in the Carmelite schools (Zumalai) was born from her understanding that poverty impacts the choices children have in developing countries. 

June’s Gift will help ensure more learning opportunities and equality to those that need it most in Timor-Leste, the next generation of young minds.
For a confidential discussion on leaving a Gift in your Will to The Carmelite Fathers Incorporated (Vic), call us on 03 9690 8822, or send us an email. You can also download our brochure to learn more.

Gifts in Will Enquiry

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