Transforming Timorese lives through the power of education

One of the most effective ways to transform lives and build communities is by becoming an Impact Partner. 

For just $30 every month, that’s just $1 a day, you will be helping a young person continue their education by equipping them with the resources they need. Your support will give them the confidence to move ever closer to realising their hopes and dreams. 

Our Impact Partners transform lives today and into the future.

When you become an Impact Partner, you are helping to provide ongoing support to young people, teachers and our Carmelite students. Your monthly gifts are the best way to create long-lasting impactful change. 

By choosing to make monthly donations, you will be providing ongoing funds so that we can plan ahead and improve our education, youth engagement and Carmelite student programs. Your monthly gifts will help ensure more young people receive the precious gift of an education. 

As an Impact Partner, you’ll receive regular updates on the impact your monthly donations are making, so you can see how you’re transforming lives and building communities in Timor-Leste. 

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