Education & connection transform lives. Yet poverty prevents young people from realising their dreams.

Together we can transform the lives of children and young adults in Timor, giving them hope for a better future with the precious gift of education and youth engagement. 

Your tax-deductible donation can: 

  1. Help children prepare and attend school
  2. Provide young people with Community Scholarships so they can pursue a secondary or tertiary education
  3. Bring disengaged youth together through our Youth Engagement program

Transform lives, build communities, together.

Education gives hope, builds skills and transforms lives

With a population of 1.3 million people, Timor-Leste has struggled to adequately educate their citizens. Only 35% of Timorese have either been to school or completed their education.

Education = Freedom. Education helps children learn to read and write, gain skills and knowledge, and puts them on a path towards a vocation or career. More so, education empowers them to realise their hopes and dreams of transforming their lives and their communities. It is the key to freedom from the chains of poverty.

Today, there are over 500 children and young adults who attend our three Carmelite schools in the Zumalai sub-district. This includes around 10 children who reside in our Boarding House in order to have access to a quality school.

Your donation will help children and young adults receive the precious gift of education, providing them with school items such as pens, pencils, books, uniforms and shoes. It will also help their teachers purchase essential classroom resources.

It is a good school with good teachers. The students are lucky they have support from the Carmelite family in Australia. Going to schools run by the Carmelites means the children have opportunities to learn.

Anita, ex-teacher and mother to Br Antonio, Principal of the Carmelite Schools in Zumalai

Young people are the future of Timor-Leste

In Timor, many families are unable to send their children to school, college or university. They simply cannot afford to pay for their child’s education.

Since 2006, The Carmelites have been offering scholarships to young Timorese in Hera and Zumalai sub-district. Our Community Scholarships cover essential items such as school or course fees, resources, living allowance, transportation and accommodation. Today our Community Scholarship program covers three key areas:

  1. High School Scholarships which help children go to high school. Each scholarship costs around $650 per student. 
  1. Vocational Training Scholarships which allow students to study a course based on their preference. These scholarships cost around $885 per student.
  1. University Scholarships which provide students the chance to pursue a Diploma or Bachelor degree. Each scholarship costs around $1,650 per student. 

Your donation will help more young people continue their education and transform their lives.

I’m really proud of what Judith has achieved. She’ll be the first in our family to go to University if the Carmelites support her. It’s very expensive to pay for education in Timor. But it’s also important for their future.

Julia (Judith’s mum)

Giving purpose back to disengaged youth

When young people have no sense of purpose and opportunities are limited, they become disconnected from loved ones and disenfranchised from society. In Zumalai, there has been a history of youth disengagement. With a median age of 19.5 years, young people are the largest population group with limited access to community resources.

Our Youth Engagement program started in October 2018 with sports and cultural competitions that drew over three hundred young people from the local area. The first annual event, and every year since, has attracted hundreds of youth from villages throughout Zumalai. Today, our Youth Engagement program continues to grow and expand.

Your donation will help give these young people an opportunity to learn invaluable leadership skills; strengthen relationships between youth from different villages in Zumalai; and participate in sports and theatre activities which promote physical wellbeing, confidence, collaboration and social cohesion.

In 2020 we had 22 clubs registered. Everyone is so active to get themselves ready. The teams train together and they put some in some of their own money to make sure everyone on the team has soccer boots and socks.

Amau, Local Youth Leader

Providing Hope

Your tax-deductible donation can transform lives in Timor-Leste. It can provide children and young adults with hope for a better future, and the chance to go to school and learn skills that can lead into a career or vocation.

If you would like to learn more about our Carmel Impact programs and how your support can make a real difference to the people of Timor-Leste, please contact Nancy Mercurio, Fundraising Development Director by email or by phone 03 9690 8822.