Investing in Youth and Leadership Creates Lasting Change

Carmel Impact supports local communities in Timor-Leste through our youth engagement and leadership development programs. By working collaboratively with local leaders to address their needs, Carmel Impact strives to improve social outcomes for all.

Our development programs work towards building trust, strengthening communities, and broadening social networks; critical contributors to fostering social cohesion and improved wellbeing for all.  

Engaging Youth

Timor-Leste has one of the youngest populations in the world. Although more than 70 percent of Timorese are younger than 34, the estimated national youth unemployment rate in 2020 was 12.88%. Young people are being left behind in large numbers.

Through our sport and cultural activities, Carmel Impact is investing in youth by supporting community-driven initiatives led by young local Timorese. Our soccer and volleyball tournaments bring young people from various local villages together, promoting health and wellbeing, as well as community cohesion and social engagement. With each passing year, these events are growing larger and more successful. By empowering young people to be their own decision makers, we are helping them become effective drivers for positive social change.

To broaden participation in the community, local youth leaders have created a singing competition along with other fun events including a trivia quiz to develop participants’ social skills and build confidence.

Kicking Goals Across 8 Villages

These activities are organised by the youth themselves, while Carmel Impact works collaboratively with local leaders including village chiefs and police to ensure all eight villages throughout the Zumalai region are able to participate. Running over several weeks, the events culminate in a community-wide celebration bringing all participants together for a special award ceremony and feast.

Team leaders of each sporting and cultural competition receive prizes to be used by the teams to contribute towards their future needs, i.e., sporting equipment, uniforms, and sound equipment. These funds are also used for village celebrations, including the winning teams sharing celebratory meals with their communities.

By supporting Carmel Impact’s Youth Engagement programs, you’re helping to inspire young people to become future leaders in their local communities.

Leadership for Change

Carmel Impact’s Leadership Development program supports training and skills development activities to build capacity and empower local community members. Strong leaders contribute to helping their own communities grow and prosper.

Our programs are designed to meet the needs and priorities identified in the community. One of the issues raised by local leaders was the protection and safety of children and vulnerable adults, a critical area of concern for the community. Other workshops have helped to build capacity and confidence in project management and evaluation, report writing, financial management, strategic planning and review.

Participants in our leadership development programs include teachers at our Catholic Schools, boarding house staff, youth program leaders, and other key organisers in the local community.

Make a difference in the world! Every action has its impact.

Carmel Impact’s education programs in Timor-Leste contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of: No poverty; Good health and wellbeing; Quality education; and Gender equality. 

You can make an immediate difference by actively supporting community development projects in poor, rural Timorese communities. All donations over $2.00 made to Carmel Impact are tax deductible.