Higher Education and Training for Future Leaders

For over twenty years, Carmel Impact’s La Bruna Scholarships have been offered to Timorese students inspired to help others transform their lives and reach their potential.

Through tertiary education and training, our program prepares these highly motivated young men to provide pastoral care to traumatised communities, or to work in leadership roles across the wider Timorese society.

Supporting Higher Education

Through the La Bruna Scholarship, we’re providing compassionate young men the means to learn English, obtain a Bachelor of Philosophy Degree, or even a postgraduate degree in Australia or abroad. These students already feel a strong desire to help others in need, and this further education enables them to fulfil their purpose.

Education is the means by which a nation develops and creates opportunities for its citizens. Supporting La Bruna Scholarships helps provide accommodation, textbooks, educational materials, basic living expenses, and access to higher education for these young men who have a deep desire to take up leadership roles in their community. We need your help to stand together with them.

Helping Young Leaders Support Their Communities

Currently there are 23 La Bruna Scholarship Students learning the English language and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Hera and Dili. Whether they become pastoral practitioners or return to take up leadership roles in their communities upon graduation, these caring and compassionate men can be found by people’s sides, supporting others through both good times and challenging times. 

Education as a Lifelong Gift 

By contributing to Carmel Impact’s La Bruna Scholarships, our charitable supporters empower compassionate young men to realise their dreams of helping others come true. Learning English, attaining a tertiary degree, and studying overseas in Australia opens a number of doors allowing them to serve their community. 

Our students learn to connect with people from diverse backgrounds without judgement, lending a hand to those struggling and in need. They serve their communities in multiple ways by pursuing careers as pastoral practitioners, teachers, community development workers, and police officers. 

Our La Bruna Scholarship recipients are giving back and aiding others to achieve their own dreams just as others have helped them. To read some of the inspiring stories from graduates of the program, click the button below.

By sharing their faith and offering a healing presence, our students empower and motivate people from all walks of life to find purpose and meaning in their own lives.

Make a difference in the world! Every action has its impact.

Carmel Impact’s education programs in Timor-Leste contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of: No poverty; Good health and wellbeing; Quality education; and Gender equality. 

You can make an immediate difference by actively supporting community development projects in poor, rural Timorese communities. All donations over $2.00 made to Carmel Impact are tax deductible.