Supporting Our Schools

Located in the rural and impoverished sub-district of Zumalai, our three schools educate hundreds of students every year. They help children learn to read and write and to believe in their hopes and dreams. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School in Zumalai, St Francis Xavier Catholic School in Raimea village and Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Beco village, are run by a single school principal who works closely with staff, families and local communities to improve the quality of education at the schools.

We empower our schools through teacher training initiatives, developing effective teachers to improve student learning outcomes. With your help, we deliver educational resources to enhance quality learning and support building and infrastructure maintenance. These critical activities contribute to improving the overall learning environment for each and every student.

Why Schools in Timor-Leste?

To overcome Timor-Leste’s high levels of youth unemployment, we understand the need to equip students with the skills to access a pathway out of poverty towards a brighter future. Our schools provide a foundation for knowledge, critical thinking, and social development; strengths that lead to social and economic transformation. Education is the single most powerful driver of change and is essential to the success of every sustainable development goal.

Catholic Schools in Zumalai

Carmel Impact is proud to build on The Carmelites’ legacy in Timor-Leste, drawing on our years of experience and a wealth of local knowledge. Since 2002, our goal has been to provide access to quality basic education in rural communities, and we’ve done so by assuming responsibility for three schools in the sub-district of Zumalai. Our vision is that our schools become a model of education for the wider local community.

In order to raise the quality of education offered at our schools, we source critical teaching resources to support the implementation of the national curriculum. To assist our staff, we deliver training and professional development courses for teachers and school leaders, while ensuring teaching resources and curriculum remain relevant and appropriate. Our schools aspire to offer students a quality education and the hope of a brighter future. We aim to give every student the best chance to succeed, and you can help make this happen.

Together we can transform lives!

The 4 Pillars of our Catholic Schools Project

1. Subsidies for Volunteer Teachers

Our volunteer teachers have great difficulty obtaining contracts as Timor-Leste is a developing nation with many challenges. Volunteer teachers are critical to delivering education in our schools, and we believe all teachers should have a basic livelihood. We support nineteen teachers with monthly stipends to sustain their living expenses, ensuring they can provide food and other basic necessities for their own families.

2. Teacher Training

On-going professional development for teachers is the key to quality education and improved student learning. To raise the standard of education in our schools, Carmel Impact delivers professional training and workshops to our teaching staff on an ongoing basis. Teachers are exposed to topics such as lesson planning, improving Portuguese language skills, and cyber-security. We know by educating our teachers, we ensure children experience the best learning environment possible.

3. Teaching and Learning Resources

In Timor, teachers struggle to create a stimulating learning environment for their students due to limited teaching tools. Carmel Impact equips our schools with relevant teaching and learning resources in line with national curriculum requirements. This way teachers are able to inspire learning and engage their students. Critical resources include calculators, stationery, maths and science equipment, musical instruments, sports gear, athletics equipment, and desktop computers.

4. School Building Maintenance

We understand the importance of creating a positive learning environment for our schools. Well maintained schools contribute to an enhanced learning experience. Critical to realising our vision of a quality school is the regular maintenance of school buildings and grounds. Carmel Impact provides general maintenance and renovations to school buildings and grounds including painting, refurbishing windows and doors, providing water tanks, upgrading toilets, and improving staffroom facilities.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Our Focus on Education in Timor-Leste is Transforming Lives, Building Communities, Together.

Schools No. of Students No. of Teachers
Our Lady of Mount Carmel27429
St. Francis Xavier12217
Our Lady of Fatima1195

Students studying from Year 1 to Year 9 at our primary and junior schools benefit greatly from our education programs, leading to increased levels of student well-being and improved learning outcomes. Teaching and administrative staff thrive in a more vibrant and dynamic work environment. We are leading the way in raising the standard of education for children in Zumalai.

We’re transforming lives, building communities, together!

Make a difference in the world! Every action has its impact.

Carmel Impact’s education programs in Timor-Leste contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of: No poverty; Good health and wellbeing; Quality education; and Gender equality. 

You can make an immediate difference by actively supporting community development projects in rural Timorese communities. All donations over $2.00 made to Carmel Impact are tax deductible.